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Born in Great Falls Montana and raised in Spokane WA, Gary visited the majestic mountains of the Canadian Rockies at the age of 5. An unforgettable impression was made at that time and he soon had a passion for landscape painting, saving his allowance for pre-stretched canvas to bring his imagination to life! Taking art classes in high school and college (though never a photography class) Gary turned his attention toward music and graduated with a BA in music education playing trumpet and guitar.

Traveling the country playing concerts, he began documenting all the incredible scenery passing by the tour van windows and became the bands video editor and photographer. After the tours ended, he joined a video production company for 12 years before starting his own  production company "CreationScapes".

His first television broadcast was on the DayStar Television Network seen in over 80 countries around the world. As a born again believer, this was a perfect fit for Gary and his true calling. CreationScapes and his new company "Scenic Praise" is now seen on many Christian networks around the world including: The Hope Channel, Sky Angel, 3ABN and dozens of local broadcast markets around the United States. His talents were also realized by other Christian publishers including, RBC Ministries, The Word Group, Discovery House Publishers and Dayspring/Hallmark. You can find CreationScapes programs in all of these retail outlets as well as online.

     Christmas of 2002, Gary met the most talented composer, Tim Janis, in Seattle and immediately began filming and producing music programs for the PBS networks with the Tim Janis Orchestra. Traveling the world with, and for Tim, to places like China, Italy, Wales, Mexico, Hawaii and all over North America, Gary has accumulated an extensive HD and 4K library like no other in the world producing over 75 CreationScapes programs to choose from.

Gary can't wait to hit the road and collect the "jewels" of God's creation to bring more moving, inspirational programs to the heartsick and needy people around the world. People that love to hear God's word and world class music to refresh, heal and restore the soul.

So Gary invites you to come with him and take an amazing journey . . . "A Journey Through God's Creation".