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Our second in a series from Discovery House Publishers in our new Music and Majesty series. Music from the Our Daily Bread: Hymns of Prayer CD, each program's theme reflects the scripture verses of the title. View the sun setting on the Olympic Coast as the waves crash on the shore. Brilliantly colored fields of tulips in Skagit Valley Washington, autumn colors in New England, quiet snow scenes and deep green, crystal clear streams of the Hoh rainforest in the Olympic National Park. The world and clouds reflected in the glass like lakes, babbling brooks and soothing streams. The natural sounds of the water and creatures will draw you into reflective meditation and closer to our loving Creator. The music is soothing and reflective with every song a well known and cherished, old hymn of the church. The best sound track Creationscapes has ever had the pleasure to be a part of.

INSTRUMENTAL approx. 48 mins.

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